Carole's Cosmetic Tattoo School/Studio
4588 SW 103rd / Beaverton, XX  97005
(503)646-5478 /

Not only are we a school, but we perform services on clients by professional licensed technicians.

The school program by state law is a 360 hour course with flexible hours.

Carole Varsandar has had a teaching degree for 38 years! Carole has been teaching cosmetic tattooing for over 20 years!

Call for information on the school and Carole will send out a 10 page packet about her school.

In addition, whether you would like to treat yourself to eyebrows, eyeliner, lipliner or full lips; Carole's Cosmetic Tattoo is the most recommended in the Portland Metro area. Call for an appointment,Carole or a licensed technician will return your call promptly!


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